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Novastar VX4

Novastar VX4's Bio:

Novastar Video Controller VX4 is a professional LED display controller. Besides the function of display control, it also features in powerful front-end processing, so an external scaler is no longer needed. With professional interfaces integrated, VX4 with excellent image quality and flexible image-control greatly meet the needs of the broadcast industry, Its friendly in user-interface. so that the display to work has never been an easier and more enjoyable as with Novastar VX4. The sale of different sizes and types of LED screen is being carried out in our company; we will sell to you at a better price you can get any type of LED screen parts you want from the manufacturing factory. Our experience in the business has provided us with the opportunity to recognize the quality LED screens with a low or optimum price and that is exactly what we are going to provide you with.
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